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Stage 3 Titanium Kit - Full Suspension and Sub Frame

Stage 3 Titanium Kit - Full Suspension and Sub Frame
Item# 350Z-ST3

Titanium Fasteners / Titanium Bolt Suspension and Subframe Kit for the Z33 350Z and G35

Following in Formula 1 technology, this is as light and as strong as you can get. This kit features all Titanium Bolts & Nuts for Stage 1 & 2 kits. This kit will shed several pounds of both un-sprung and reciprocating weight.

(please note, we can also do custom titanium kits if all bolts are not needed from this kit)

This kit includes titanium fasteners for:

Rear Lower Link Hub Bolts

Radius Rod Hub Bolts

Front Lower Link Hub Bolts

Sway Bar Bracket Mounts

Shock Mount Bolts

Upper Control Arm Hub Nuts

Anchor Block Nuts

Rear Upper Control Arm Bolts

Strut Mount Bolts

Lower Control Arms

Compression Rod Hub Bolts

Sway Bar End Link Nuts

Rear Subframe Mounts

Rear Brace

Titanium Axle Nut

Drive Shaft Bolts

Strut Tower Nuts

Engine Cradle Nuts

Front Brace

Trans Mount

Rear Brace