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Stage 1 Suspension Mount Kit

Stage 1 Suspension Mount Kit
Item# 350Z-ST1

These are what JGTC, DTM, ALMS and Indycar teams use on their cars for suspension mounting. These not only lighten all existing fasteners and lessen un-sprung weight significantley, but are also much stronger in terms of fatigue resistance and tensile strength. All bolts are Grade 12.9 (12 Point Flange and Socket Head) and include both the ultra lite, super strong Jetnuts

The Kit includes mounting for:

Rear Lower Link Hub Bolts

Radius Rod Hub Bolts

Front Lower Link Hub Bolts

Sway Bar Bracket Mounts

Shock Mount Bolts

Upper Control Arm Hub Nuts

Anchor Block Nuts

Rear Upper Control Arm Bolts

Strut Mount Bolts

Lower Control Arms

Compression Rod Hub Bolts

Sway Bar End Link Nuts