IMPORTANT UPDATE: We will not be doing complete burnt kits until further notice (complete kits take an extreme amount of time to make). We will still have burnt dress packs and steering wheel bolts however. We may do one off kits at special request, but please email us if this interests you.


Your complete one stop shop for everything in exotic and hard to find fasteners.


Congrats to Dai Yoshihara on winning the Formula D Championship!

Of course Dai's entire car used our bolts. Proof positive the little things can make a difference.


Baller Bolts on several cars at SEMA! Here are some of our customers cars...

RTR-X Mustang - Ford Booth.

John Pangilinan - Scion TC - Scion Booth.

Baller Bolts EVO 8 MR - Central Hall.

R34 - GTR - Borg Warner Booth


New for August!

Titanium Dress Up Washers! These are specifically made for our strut tower nut kits. CLICK THE PIC!


Congrats Dai!!!

Dai Yoshihara has won two rounds of Formula D this year since installing our full titanium suspension bolt kit.

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Front Titanium Suspension Bolt Kit

Rear Titanium Suspension Bolt Kit



Titanium Strut Tower Nuts! These are a vailable in different drive styles and colors. We also have the famous, only place you can get these....Baller Bolts Burnt. CLICK HERE


Custom Titanium Dress Up Bolts are here! These are the bolts that are in our titanium dress up kits. Available in 6 colors! Polished, Gold, Blue, Purple, Green and Baller Burnt! CLICK HERE


Custom Titanium Steering Wheel Bolts Including all colors and Baller Burnt! CLICK HERE


Welcome to Baller Bolts. We are the one stop source for motorsports fastners. We are primarily focused on both hard to find and exotic hardware. We do stock the regular everyday hardware as well.

There is one big difference when purchasing from us, experience. We won’t just claim we have built race cars, but we have built race cars that actually win championships. We are first and foremost hardware consultants. With our experience we have created individual fastening strategies for entire cars. With that in mind, our main focus is to provide complete fastening kits. These fastening kits will be both lighter and stronger than stock components.

Many people ask us why they would want to change the fasteners on their car or motorcycle. There is one reason for this, the fasteners on your car were supplied by the lowest bidder. Yes we are sorry to say, you should never use a stock fastener in a high performance application. Whenever we built or assembled a race car, we would trash every stock fastener and replace it with a lighter and stronger piece of hardware that would not potentially fail at 200 mph. Whenever I stepped into an I.R.L. car for testing I had utter faith that I would not have a control arm come off at 225 mph. You have spent lots of hard earned dollars on parts, now you need to upgrade the most overlooked pieces on your car. The ones that hold them together.


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